Prize Bond Schedule 2024 Download PDF

Prize Bond Schedule 2024 Download PDF. Let’s take a look at the prize bond schedule for 2024, as well as the full list of winners. The National Savings Pakistan Prize Bond Schedule 2024 runs from 1, January 2024, to 15, December 2024. The complete 2024 draw schedule is now available. Prize Bond Schedules are available from January through December for PKR 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, and 40000 Premium Prize Bond denominations. Since the 1960s, the central bank has been the scheme’s manager, overseeing the Central Directorate of National Savings.

Prize bond Schedule 2024 – January to December

The general public can now participate in the government’s reward bond program. Anyone interested can find out all the details about their reward bonds. The Central Directorate of National Savings, under the direction of the central bank, has administered the Prize Bonds program since the 1960s. The Prize Bond Draws 2024 timetable is now accessible to the public who are keen to participate in this year’s drawings.

Prize Bond Draw Schedule List 2024 Check Complete

Title Prize Bond Schedule 2024
Start form 01, January 2024
Type Prize Bond
Official Website
Announcement Dates 15 December 2024
Provided By

Prize Bond Schedule 2024 Complete Draws

The general public is the target audience for this government initiative, which provides all the necessary information for those interested in the prize bond system. Prize bonds, available in various denominations for purchase and conversion into cash, are considered a secure investment in Pakistan. The Prize Bond Company Limited issues lottery bonds, or non-interest-bearing securities, on behalf of the Minister of Finance.

Prize Bond Schedule 2024

Prize Bond Schedule 2024

Every four months, the National Savings Division conducts a prize bond draw with varying prizes. Prize bonds, easily convertible into different quantities of cash, are considered a safe and dependable investment option in Pakistan. In addition to helping the government raise money, this program allows regular individuals to save money without it losing value.

Prize Bond Schedule 2024 in Pakistan

Draw No. Prize Bonds Draw Date City
#97 Rs750 15 January, 24 SIALKOT
#45 Rs100 15 February, 24 PESHAWAR
#97 Rs1500 15 February, 24 LAHORE
#13 Rs25000 11 March, 24 KARACHI
#28 Rs40000 11 March, 24 FAISALABAD
#97 Rs200 15 March, 24 MUZAFFARABAD
#98 Rs750 15 April, 24 HYDERABAD
#46 Rs100 15 May, 24 LAHORE
#98 Rs1500 15 May, 24 KARACHI
#14 Rs25000 10 June, 24 PESHAWAR
#29 Rs40000 10 June, 24 MULTAN
#98 Rs200 17 June, 24 RAWALPINDI
#99 Rs750 15 July, 24 QUETTA
#47 Rs100 15 August, 24 KARACHI
#99 Rs1500 15 August, 24 MULTAN
#15 Rs25000 10 September, 24 HYDERABAD
#30 Rs40000 10 September, 24 LAHORE
#99 Rs200 16 September, 24 PESHAWAR
#100 Rs750 15 October, 24 FAISALABAD
#48 Rs100 15 November, 24 MULTAN
#100 Rs1500 15 November, 24 RAWALPINDI
#16 Rs25000 10 December, 24 QUETTA
#31 Rs40000 10 December, 24 MUZAFFARABAD
#100 Rs200 16 December, 24 SIALKOT

Prize Bonds Complete Draw Schedule 2024

Many claim that there are no shortcuts to success and that nobody can get wealthy quickly. They are not correct. With a prize bond, one can become wealthy overnight and accelerate their career. Prize bonds, available in various denominations and easily convertible into cash, are considered a safe investment in Pakistan. For people who are interested in the prize bond system, this government endeavor offers all the information they require.

PAF Result 2024

Prize Bond Schedule 2024 State Bank of Pakistan

The first draw for the Rs. 750 bond will take place on 15, January 2024, as part of the Prize Bond Schedule. The prize bond program is an excellent opportunity to realize one’s goals and prosper financially. A prize bond can quickly make someone wealthy. National Savings conducts a drawing and reveals the winners every three months. This program offers regular individuals a secure option to save money in addition to helping to generate funds.

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